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Busy Day & Jenny

Day 14 of NaBloPoMo

Inverted Jenny stampWatch that calendar on the left fill up with 'this-day-has-an entry' colour. Comparing it to previous months, it is quite an amazing and different sight.

As you can probably tell, I haven't got that much to blog today. Today at work was particularly busy: it somehow managed to out-do Monday on the busyness scale, which is always impressive. Thus today was more about rushing to do stuff rather than noticing stuff that could be blogable.

To put at least some content in this entry, there is a fascinating news article out of the US about someone using an old and famously rare and valuable stamp, called the 'Inverted Jenny'' (pictured), to mail in a postal vote in the recent elections. It had no return address on it, so no-one knows who it might have belonged to (or who could have been stupid enough to actually put such a valuable stamp on an actual letter!).

It is thought only 100 of these misprinted stamps exist, a block of four of the stamps sold for almost USD$3 million last year.

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