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Another Week, Another Win

Day 20 of NaBloPoMo

Continuing on from the last entry: I went to the game of indoor last night, and after a prolonged warm-up not feeling any back problems, and seeing that we had only four other players (five are needed for a full team), I decided to play.

I, and the team in general, had a pretty good game. We won a tight contest, eventually edging the other team out 6-4 after it was locked at 4-4 going into the final few minutes. They were a very rough team, the problem being that all of their players were committing niggly fouls all over the pitch, so it was hard for the ref to single out players to card them. In the second half, the ref even had to stop the game to give their team a 2 minute talking to about their play.

Thus it was fitting that when the game was locked at 4-4 in the final few minutes I won a penalty: after running clear onto a good through-ball, and about to take my shot, the clumsy last defender (who had been their worst fouling player all night) nudged me in the back with his beer-gut and put me majorly off balance. The guy got his second yellow card and was sent off, and we subsequently took and scored the penalty. After that, a good late goal from 'Seppe sealed the game.

In all my years of playing indoor, I have never played in a game in which a penalty was called, so it was quite interesting to see both the circumstances which led to the penalty, and the taking of the penalty itself. I scored two goals in last night's game, but I really should have had a couple more. I sort of wanted to have the title of this entry to be: "Another Week, Another Win, Another Hat-trick", but it wasn't to be.

Anywho, today started the working week which will hopefully be a little less busy than last week. I just remembered that tomorrow is the body corporate meeting for our building, so hopefully i'll have some time to go along to that.

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