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Air Race & Chillin

Day 19 of NaBloPoMo

Red Bull Air RaceI just finished watching the end of the Red Bull Air Race World Series event that was being held in Australia (Perth, to be exact) today. I'm a big fan of the Air Race, I always try to catch it whenever they show an event on TV. It was good to see the extremely likeable Hungarian pilot, Peter Besenyei, take out the Perth event.

However i've got to say how crap the Perth track was in the race today. It was way too simple, and especially compared to the tracks from some of the other locations around the world this year, it made today's event a little boring.

Today i've spend mostly chillin out and resting my back. There's a game of indoor on tonight, but i'm still not totally sure if i'm going to play or not. I think i'll go along and do my warm up and make a decision then.

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