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A Tale of Two Halves & So Sore

Day 13 of NaBloPoMo

Man, if I thought that I was sore yesterday, than today was another thing altogether.

Starting at last night: right after writing last night's blog entry, I went off to play the first game of the new indoor season. It was one of those really weird games, a game that was truly a tale of two very differing halves.

In the first half I was on absolute fire. Barely half-way through the half I had already scored a hat-trick, all three of them really decent attempts: the first was a left footed goal (all who know me know that i'm lucky to even connect with the ball with my left foot), and the other two being very well placed low shots after evading my marker.

With the third goal I was really stupid: in doing a little celebratory hop after seeing the ball go in the net, I managed to roll my right ankle, spraining it quite badly. It took me about 5 minutes to run it off and play properly again.

The second half was so weird. We won the game comfortably, but the team only managed to score twice more despite about 10+ definite gilt-edged scoring chances. I myself managed to waste about 5 of those chances, every single one of them much more 'easy' than the goals that I had scored in the first half. I even missed a totally open goal from right outside the keeper's D, and standing there scratching my head after kicking the ball over the goal, the referee even said "mate, even i don't know how you missed that".

Now to the soreness. Today was almost torture. After spraining my ankle in the game last night, I knew today was going to be bad. Although I ran it off in the game, you just know that once the foot cools down it's going to hurt like heck. I hobbled around work for most of the day; it was only in the latter part of the day in the heat that I could walk close to normal on it, and now that it's cooling down it's starting to fuse up again.

My shoulder pain from Saturday night's air hockey also hit its peak today. It's amazing that only after the muscles get sore do you realise how many muscles you have in a relatively small section of your body: I can feel the muscle going down from the shoulder across the breast tweak with every small movement.

3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Halves & So Sore”

  1. OP: w00t! I have pecs! lol

    Andrew: Not as bad as i thought it would be. Mainly reaching sideways or up and down is the most painful for me. Reaching forward (like a keyboard or steering wheel) seems to be ok now...


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