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Computer Fast

It's been a strange week for me. Very strange in fact. I really can't remember the last time this has actually happened. 'Just tell us already!!', i hear you exclaim.

Okay: this week I went the whole business week (from the start of business Monday to the end of business Friday) without touching a computer at home. I really can't remember the last time when I have gone so long at home without using a computer.

Each night after work it's been a pretty hectic. Although my home 'computer fast' started off unintentionally, by Wednesday and Thursday I was purposefully avoiding the computers. A few reasons are to blame: the busy week, plus me going to bed a bit earlier than usual to get started on reading my newly acquired books from Church, plus early nights for a few early starts that were required for work.

Monday night we went grocery shopping, Tuesday night we had dinner over my parent's place, Wednesday night we had dinner over Des's parent's place, Thursday night I had mixed futsal, and Friday night is now. So yeah, really I haven't had that much time to be on the computer anyway.

Mixed futsal last night was pretty interesting. Des played with us to fill in for some missing team members. She did quite well, and even put her body on the line on a few occasions. We ended up playing a second game to fill in for another team. Very enjoyable on many levels.

Anywho, I've been thinking a bit, and hopefully this weekend i'll have the time to do a mini-redesign of this site. I was thinking of just redoing the header to make it look a little more interesting. Stay tuned.

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