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Forgetful Blogging & Geekness

I've been finding myself being very forgetful in my blogging. Big and notable events I totally miss.

For example, on the weekend was the state election and I totally missed blogging about it on Sunday. I voted on Saturday, knowing that no matter what i voted the incumbent Labor candidate was going to win anyway.

Despite numerous massive stuff-ups over their last term, the government was re-elected with a smaller, but still very sizable, majority. There was really no respectable opposition in this election: the Liberal leader Dr Bruce Flegg was an absolute joke; he had a shocker of an election.

Star Wars DVDsAnyway, this week has already contained some absolute geekiness. The original Star Wars Trilogy was again released on DVD (3rd time in two years!), but this one I actually bought (again). I bought it because in addition to the 2004 version of the Special Editions, they included on a bonus disc the original theatrical versions of each movie from their respective years (1977, 1980, 1983).

It's still a little disappointing that the 'bonus' theatrical versions of the movies are taken from the early 90s laserdisc masters, and as a result the movies are non-anamorphic widescreen. But the 'zoom' function on our TV makes that acceptable, but still a bit dodgy.

In other Star Wars geekiness, they've recently had the annual Fan Films Awards. I love the winner of the comedy genre, entitled Sith'd: watch the video at AtomFilms. Gold.

More big geek news is Apple releasing their next line of iPods. I'm glad we've had at least 6 months between iPod release this time. I'm quite surprised that they've dropped the price of their 30GB flagship iPod to only AUD$380, which is really quite impressive. Apple's also released version 7 of iTunes, which although has some good improvements, i think is starting to become bloatware (if it wasn't already before).

Lifeblogging, nothing much is happening. Oh yeah, except the wedding this weekend 😉

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