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Census Night 2006 & Zazz

2006 Australian CensusTonight is the 5-yearly Census of Population and Housing in Australia. If not sure about other countries, but here it is compulsory to fill out a census form for every household.

What is interesting about this year's census, is that for the first time we are given the option of filling out our form online. I promptly did ours on Sunday night, although technically we are supposed to do it tonight (but the ABS didn't not allow me to complete the online form before tonight, so I'm sure that they planned this in, in order for them to take some load off the servers for tonight).

Anywho, so that is our first census for us a couple that we have completed.

On a totally different note, I have stumbled upon an interesting site: Zazz. It's a bit hard to describe what this site is all about. It's an Australian site, and they sell one particular product each day. Yep, just one thing each day until they sell out, and each day they have something different. Their motto is "One Day. One Thingy. One Chance. Grab yours today - it won't be here tomorrow".

They stuff they have on it varies very wildly day-to-day: sometimes they have some good stuff at good prices, and other times they have utter rubbish. I myself have yet to buy something that I have been quick enough to get in on: a lot of the good stuff sells out before 9am in the morning.

It seems to be a bit of a rip off of the American Woot site, but to have an Australian version of it is pretty good.

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