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Balls & No More Homepage…

I've had a unusually dreary last few days. Work as normal, and then just hanging around home otherwise.

Today I also bought my very first football for myself: it's an el-cheapo $10 ball from Rebel Sport. The pump that I bought along with it cost more than the ball itself! But still ~$20 for a ball and pump is pretty good.

Teamgeist all used at the World CupI am still wanting to get the ball that was used in the World Cup (the one with the revolutionary new panel layout, shown right), but all that the stores are selling at the moment are normal balls spray-painted with the new ball's design. I think they said September is when they'll be be getting some in, and I don't think they'll be cheap: probably ~$150.

In what I am sure will be exciting news for all (not): there is now no splash or 'home' pages on this site anymore. Both now get redirected to this blog.

I think its logical that this blog is now the centre of the site, it always was and always will be the most frequently updated and read thing here.

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