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A Very Surreal Game

I've just played probably one of the most weird and surreal games of indoor.

I played a pretty good game, scoring two lucky goals in the first half to help us to the break with a 3-0 lead. But then a few things happened. Firstly, Nick got sent off for tripping a guy. I didn't see it all that well, but the decision looked a bit harsh; however it was only a blue card, which means that he won't get a suspension.

So we were playing the game with only four players: Rolando in goals and three on the field. They got the game back to 3-2, until Ben scored a good goal to make it 4-2, after which he said something to the keeper (who was now the guy which Nick fouled), who didn't take it too well. It transpired that Ben and the other guy both got their second yellows as a result, and were sent off.

So that leaves Rolando in goals, and only me and Wil on the field to play out the last 5 minutes of the game, defending a two goal lead against 4 other players. We basically spent the time passing the ball between ourselves and then clearing the ball when we couldn't. When they came back at us, me and Wil forced them to the flanks, and all their shots either went high or wide.

In the end we ran out 4-2 winners, with me, Wil, and Rolando closing out the game very efficiently. Rolando had an awesome game in goals too.

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