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The Finale Is Prepared

I got my wish this morning. Well, technically I got both my wishes this morning. France beat Portugal in the World Cup semi-final, and Christiano Ronaldo once again cried his eyes out like the little girl he is.

Ronaldo Cry Baby
There it is, C.Ronaldo once again crying his eyes out. For more anti-C.Ronaldo stuff, see

lol I could watch him crying all day long and get entertained. It was funny how nearly the whole stadium booed whenever he got the ball.

Anyway, France won 1-0 to set up the final with Italy, who beat Germany in their semi with two goals in the last 90 seconds of extra time. The French better beat those Italians. France won courtesy of a Zidane penalty, which was won by Thierry Henry. People say he dived, but although he fell theatrically, I still think it was a valid penalty nonetheless.

Again throughout this World Cup, there have been calls to bring in video-refereeing into football. For the most part I don't agree with it. For things like checking if the ball has crossed the line for a goal, I can understand having it.

But for other things, like deciding on free-kicks and penalties etc, all I see it as replacing one subjective view with another, and anyone who watched last night's Rugby League State of Origin match last night saw how subjective, unfair, and just plain inaccurate video-refs can be. Btw, QUEENSLANDER!!

I'm really disappointed that Channel 7 haven't got any Family Guy on tonight. Maybe last week was the end of the season?

I really must get to sleep, I am so drained...

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  1. cool - didn't know that it could be pinned down to actual people (strange as that may sound). I had meant to type 'how did _that_ become...', but now I'm glad that I didn't. 🙂


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