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Everybody Wins! & Sleep

The working week ended yesterday, and that means poker on Friday night. Unfortunately, only Rolando and Tim turned up. We played three games, and despite our best efforts, each of us won one game each. They were all pretty good games too.

So because we all won equally, the photo of this week's poker winner is of all three of us:

Poker Winners: Myself, Rolando, Tim
Myself, Rolando, Tim

In the past 3 or 4 weeks of poker there has been a bit of a poor showing, with only two or three other people turning up. I'm beginning to wonder whether it is worth it with so few people coming along. We'll see though.

I stayed up last night to watch the Germany vs Argentina quarter-final, but fell asleep a bit through the first half. After I woke up just before the end of the half I went to bed. Apparently I got half my wish with the Argentinians going out (on penalties, go the Arsenal keeper Jens Lehman), but Italy progressed over the unlucky Ukrainians. I hope Germany pwns them big-time in the semi-final.

I'll definitely be getting up early for the Brazil vs. France game tomorrow morning though.

It's going to be a very busy weekend, with us rushing through cleaning at the moment to make appointments this afternoon before going to Church tonight, after which we have a friend's birthday party. Tomorrow afternoon/night we've got a wedding to go to, so yeah, poof no real 'weekend' as such.

I've also been starting to get afternoon headaches in the past few days, which I think could be caused by a number of things. My excess sugar consumption may be one cause, but nothing has really changed in recent times to explain the onset of symptoms related to that now; excess computer-work is another.

I think the more obvious explanation is not getting enough sleep. At school and through most of uni, i didn't just want but needed at least 8 hours of sleep each night to function properly the next day. Toward the end of uni and as marriage preparations were pressing, the not enough hours in a day thing forced that to become much less, something which I unexpectedly adapted to quite well to.

But with the World Cup forcing me into irregular sleeping times (to say the least), I think it's finally beginning to take it's toll. Luckily enough the tournament is reaching its final stages, and the more 'break days' between matches that accompanies that. I think i'm lucky that this only comes along once every four years.

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