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Arsenal’s New Stadium Opens & pwned

I've had a marvellous weekend, which I hope to cap off with a good game of indoor tonight. Other than the usual washing and cleaning, it's been a very relaxing two days. It's a shame that one has to go to work again on a Monday that rolls around again way too soon.

I've done a fair bit of gaming this weekend too. I finished off Call of Duty 2 and resumed playing Star Wars: Empire at War. Unusually, I also thought I would try a bit off online multiplayer as well. I normally don't play many games online, and I was reminded of why.

Compared to an average/good online player, i suck. Majorly. In game speak, "I am teh n00b whoze gets aboluetly pwnzed ROFLMAO!!!1111!11". I played COD2 for about half-an-hour on the Bigpond GameArena servers and only managed to get about 2 frags, whilst getting killed about 20 or 30 times. My reaction times are paltry compared to everyone else and basically; in short i'm just plain bad.

Football-wise, overnight was the very first game at Arsenal's brand-spanking-new Emirates Stadium, and it was a testimonial match for the retiring Dennis Bergkamp (pic here). To my knowledge The game wasn't broadcast here in Australia :(. It marks the end of an era for the wonderful servant to the club that was Bergkamp, and the start of another Arsenal era with the first game played at Emirates Stadium.

I've got an Arsenal away jersey with Bergkamp's name and number on the back of it (very proudly so), and i wouldn't mind getting one of the new one's with Freddie Ljunberg's (probably my favourite Arsenal player of the last decade) name and number.

At poker on Friday night, we had a more modest showing of four players. We managed three games, with the winners being Rolando, myself, and Anthony. Pictures below.

Game 1 Winner: Rolando Game 2 Winner: Lucas Game 3 Winner: Anthony

Other than a good run at the end of the second game which allowed me to win, I got crap cards all night. I did win one awesome hand in the second game with a four-of-a-kind of nines, the first time I have ever got such a hand. Funnily enough, in the third game, Anthony did the same as well with four twos.

Whoops, gotta go and get ready for indoor...

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