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World Cup: Lots of Football

The title pretty much explains itself. I have been staying up almost every night here watching at least the first half of the first game of each day of the FIFA World Cup. Here in Australia the games each day start at 11pm, 2am, and 5am. I'm currently typing this entry while watching Argentina absolutely demolish Serbia & Montenegro.

Before I get too much ahead of myself I must mention this weeks Poker winner:

This weeks winner: Anthony

It was a depleted line-up this week, with only four players contesting the title. In the end it was me and Anthony fighting it out, with Anthony emerging victorious. It was even more impressive considering he was on the short stack nearly all night, and looked to be going out a few times going all-in on unlikely hands. Congratulations to him.

It's been a funny week at work. I am growing more each day to loath Apple and Adobe software. Firstly was trying to modify Apple's Weblog implementation on Mac OS X Server. To be honest, the Apple Weblog system is quite dodgy, and I can't understand why Apple chose Blojsom as the script for basing it off, and why they chose to modify it so much. It means that there are no extra templates available for the Apple install than the 3 or 4 preconfigured ones, which all have have a fixed pixel-based design which myself and a few higher ups at work consider evil.

Secondly was the ever unpredictable, unreliable, and unstable Adobe Version Queue running off the Mac Server. I don't know if it is the install or some other problem, but for as long as i've been using it it's been quite a pain.

Anyway, enough venting. Have a good weekend everybody.

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