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Round of Sixteen

Well tonight is (another) the big night: Australia vs Italy in the round of 16 in the Football World Cup. After the keeping debacle of last game, I thought the below image is highly relevant and true:

Church Sign: Jesus Saves Better than Kalac

But seriously, go Australia! We'll see if i'll be coherent enough to to do a round up tomorrow.

To life-blogging, we had a busy but enjoyable weekend. On Saturday was the baptism of my brother's fiancΓ©, which was a really great day. I've never been to an adult baptism before, so it was quite an experience seeing the catechumen say the Confession of Faith, and get dunked (well, not really 'dunked').

Sunday night was the last game of indoor football. After our victory last week we were on track to achieve our goal of not finishing last. However, the last game saw us playing the top team in the competition. Although I didn't expect us to win, I at least wanted to make them work for it.

The game ended 4-2, with us pretty much holding our own; most of their goals were pretty weak. I scored our second goal in the last 10 seconds of the match, beautifully tackling their main playmaker and then running to the goal, slotting it over the shoulder of their keeper.

Go the football.

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