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Expensive Transport & ZipGenius

Nothing much been happening lately. I've been slowly working through my Family Guy Season 4 DVDs that I got last week. It's easily the most hilarious season to date, probably because they went so much farther down the politically incorrect and just plain random paths than previously attempted. Absolute gold.

This week has also revealed to me how expensive it is to maintain a car. Registration, as well as a service including 3 new tires has cost us quite a fair bit just this week. Luckily you don't have to pay for either of those that regularly.

Zip GeniusOn the geeky front: i've newly discovered a fantastic free alternative to WinZip for compressing and extracting zip files: ZipGenius. This utility handles many more formats in addition to the standard zip file (such as extracting RAR files, and also compressing and extracting the very good 7-zip format). Very nice interface, and of course fantastically free.

Google also continues along its rampage of releasing new products, of course in beta. This time it's an online spreadsheeting product. It's great that people are getting a lot of choice, but really, online spreadsheeting?? I can't imagine many people using that. This article is particularly scathing, but I do agree with the author that if people are looking for a free MS Office alternative, look at Open Office as I have mentioned before.

I'm planning on doing a few more updates with the blog script: on the to-do list are shortening the verify code length to maybe 4 characters (8 is waaaay too long (even I have to put it in to make a comment)), inserting a permalink for entries, and also to do a little URL rewriting so older links which have the old index.php?blogid=xxx automatically get rewritten to index.php?entryid=xxx. We'll see if I have some to do those soon.

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