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More Football & Geekiness

Of late it seems like my life is revolving around football (soccer) and computers. Granted my occupation is computers, so that's a given. But football lately, and also into the immanent future, is also massive.

On the weekend was the FA Cup final of Liverpool vs. West Ham United. We watched it after my brother's engagement on Saturday night, and it was a fantastic game; from a neutral's point of view it was probably the best FA Cup final in recent history. Liverpool eventually won the game on penalties after the game with extra-time finished 3-3.

I think West Ham were desperately unlucky to lose that way, they were never losing for the whole match, and had Liverpool against the ropes for most of the game. Only two wonder-strikes by Gerrard (never let the ball bounce to him in a shooting position in open play) saved Liverpool, the last in the final minute of the game. Although it was an amazing goal, it was totally unsportsmanlike by Liverpool to have hounded the West Ham players after throwing the ball to them deep in their half after West Ham had kicked it out to allow an injured Liverpool players to receive treatment.

Of course now the most immanent football event is Thursday morning's (Eastern Australia time) UEFA Champions League final which features for the very first time, my club Arsenal. It will be an absolutely massive game, and will leave me either ecstatic or utterly depressed for obvious reasons.

After that is the World Cup in Germany. Many people do not know that the football World Cup is the biggest sporting event in the world, even bigger than the Olympics (try getting AFL/ARL/Rugby/Cricket-mad Australia to recognise the sport though, all their 'major' sporting events are measly in comparison /end rant\).

Today I was forwarded a hilarious but very relevant document on the approaching World Cup, World Cup Rules for Women (PDF). I promptly forwarded it on to my lovely wife, and I strongly recommend everyone read it.

Error Msg is OK!To the geeky side: whilst troubleshooting using Version Cue on the Apple PowerMac G5 at work (btw I wouldn't believe all the current hype from Apple on their 'computing utopia' they are currently pushing), i got this error (shown right). --start sarcasm-- It was really useful it telling me the Error Msg is 'OK'!--end sarcasm-- We laughed our asses off at this, probably because we were so insanely frustrated at it not working.

Recently i've also stumbled up a few more priceless extensions for Firefox worth mentioning. Firstly, there is IE Tab, which allows you to use Internet Explorer within a Firefox tab or window should you need to use it (for Windows Update etc). This is great when you need to quickly switch rendering from one browser to another (but unfortunate that we still need to).

Secondly, is Firefox showcase, which allows you the ability to switch between all tabs or windows open in Firefox very easily, even giving you a snapshot of their contents.

Thirdly, but definitely not least, is the Full Screen Homestar Runner extension. One word sums this one up: priceless. To be able to view the Homestar cartoons full-screen in your browser is amazing.


3 thoughts on “More Football & Geekiness”

  1. well Australia is starting to open it's eyes now, what with the overall success of the first season of the A-league, and especially now that Australia is in the World Cup.

    i would like to see them get past the first round but i'm still going for brazil this year as always.

  2. I would like to know what happens when the error message comes up not ok. Could you take that as there not being a system error? And how do you know the ok message is ok? Because if the ok message is not ok then logically there is no error. So you may not have a problem after all.


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