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Long Live the Long Weekends

..unfortunately they never seem to live long enough. I'm in a little depressed mood that we have just finished our fourth and last public holiday of late, which made for four fantastic four-day working-weeks in a row.

I had a pretty good weekend; did the usual washing and cleaning on Saturday, went to Church Saturday night. We went to Pancake Parlour at the old Church in the city for dinner (Andrew somehow negotiated his way out of us all going to Sizzler, which he dislikes for some strange reason) to see off a few people who are going away. Wasn't too bad, we all had a good time.

Sunday morning we bummed around, watched The Wedding Crashers on DVD, very funny movie. I played indoor in the afternoon, and despite leading 1-0 at the break from a lucky goal from myself, we ended up losing the game 5-1 as we collapsed physically in the second half (no subs :()

On Monday, which was Labour (or May) Day, my poor wife had to work, which is shameful on a public holiday. I had to drive out of the Valley through all the union nuts waving their union and Eureka Flags, who were gathering to do their annual march.

There's something funny about what the Eureka Flag (shown left) represents. It originated in the Eureka Stockade, but has since become the flag of the union movement. I personally really like the flag itself, but dislike what it represents. If you get rid of all the attached connotations, I think it could have made a nice national flag (*cringes and waits for reaction*). No, really, i think it could have.

Anyway, I stayed home, and changed a few things on the blog. I dunno if people have noticed, but the comments are working again. I made a few improvements to the comments: now HTML tags and BBCode will properly be parsed instead of stripped, and also smilies will be converted into the respective smilie image: : ) (with no space between characters) will be displayed like :).

I also managed to watch Van Helsing, which although didn't get rave reviews when it was released, I really enjoyed it. You have to turn your brain down a little, but I love how they combined Van Helsing, Dracula, Frakenstein, Werewolves, and Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde into one movie. Great action too.

We went to Bible study on Monday night, and today I was back at work :cry:.

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