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I think these few days before Easter have really taken it out of me. I'm exhausted. But as they say, it's always darkest before the dawn.

It seems my anti-spam stuff on this blog has worked, not one spam comment so far. I hope i'm not speaking to soon...

I've had a fairly good Holy Week so far, but it is a bit weird having to work during the day and then basically go straight to Church afterwards. I'm so used to having uni or school which gave me enough time to sort of relax and chill-out a bit before going to the evening services.

Ideally, I would have liked to have taken some leave for this week, but the way things stand I am still in the negative leave-wise after taking a bit more than I had accumulated to go and get married.

If you hadn't noticed in the comments, I purchased an actual seat from the Highbury (the Arsenal stadium in London) for a cheap $75. Why the heck would I buy a seat? Arsenal have built a new stadium just down the road from their current one, and are moving into it next season. They have been at Highbury for the past 93 years, so it will be quite an emotional time for most Arsenal supporters saying goodbye to the old girl at the end of the season. Hence them selling seats from the old stadium.

I once had the pleasure of seeing an Arsenal game at Highbury when we were last in London in 2001, it was an amazing experience. They've been forced to change stadiums because they've mostly grown out of Highbury (which has only ~38000 seats, very small for prestigious European club), and in order to compete financially with the big boys, they have to have more seating which the current stadium can't expand to.

The new 'Emirates Stadium' (see left, what it will look like) will seat about 60000 people, and will rake in a lot more money for the club every week.

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