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Gunning for Glory

I got up really early today (around 5am) to watch the second leg of Arsenal's semi-final Champions League tie against Spanish side Villareal.

Arsenal played terribly: from the first minute they seamed content to sit back and defend their slim 1-0 from the first leg at Highbury. I really hate when they play like that: sitting really deep in their own half and letting the opposition attack them relentlessly. It's a dangerous game to play with only a 1-0 aggregate lead.

They luckily held on for most of the match until the last last minute, when, as usually happens, they shoot themselves in the foot. Arsenal conceded a penalty in the last minute, but luck shined on them once again as Jens Lehmann, the Arsenal goal-keeper, produced another fantastic effort to deny the Spanish team.

So it's on to Paris for the final of Europe's premier football competition on May 17, which will be arguably the biggest night in the recent history of Arsenal Football Club. I'm hoping they can win it and all associated glory after coming this far. Go you Gunners!

Yesterday we watched a few DVDs on our day off for ANZAC Day: we ended up seeing Chasing Liberty and Underworld. I hadn't seen Underworld before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I always love a good vampire movie, and when you throw werewolves into the mix and make them fight each other for half the movie, it's a great combination. I'm now dying to see the sequel, Underworld: Evolution, which comes out here on DVD on May 17 (date sound familiar?).

May always seems to be a huge month every year. Not only do all the football finals always fall in May, but usually the big blockbuster movies do as well. This year X-Men 3 tops my eagerly awaited list (last year was of course Star Wars). In past years, all the major uni assessment also landed in mid to late May, thankfully none of that this year :D.

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