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Shopping with no-one around & VoIP

Tonight we went to Carindale to take advantage of the late-night-Wednesday-because-Thursday-is-a-public-holiday deal. It was fantastic, hardly anyone was there. It was like having almost a whole shopping centre, with all the staff, almost exclusively dedicated to serving you. We got a new mobile and put a few more things on the wedding registry at Myer.

In the last few days I have been looking at our telephony options our soon-to-be home. We're getting Bigpond cable for internet, and i'm pretty sure that i'm going to go for a VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solution primarily for the phone mainly because of the damn cheap rates.

I'm looking at the big-brands for the VoIP, and Engin seem pretty good: 10c untimed calls anywhere in Australia, 27c calls to mobiles, and only $9.95 a month for access. Plus you can leave anytime you want without penalty.

The plan is to have a normal Telstra landline phone for at least the first 9 months to take advantage of half-price internet, and if the VoIP turns out ok, I plan to drop the landline completely.

3 thoughts on “Shopping with no-one around & VoIP”

  1. Cool, thanks a bunch for sharing your experience! I'm not a big gamer or downloader anyway, so I don't anticipate many bandwidth problems.

    (btw, the 000 thing isn't standard, and iirc Engin is one of the only providers that do provide details etc for 000 calls)

  2. I had this setup for over a year. Telstra Cable plus Engin.
    It was just brilliant! Considering my housemates and I also made calls to Hong Kong and the Maldives quite regularly.
    I'm not sure if its standard now, but 000 even gets your phone number and stuff from the voip phone (some don't/didn't)
    The only problem is if we lost power, we lost out phone. so your landline is a backup there. plus mobiles are that prevelant that it didn't matter short term.
    And you can't download big files (p2p etc) while on the it ..soun..ds lik...e

    well thats what we found anyway. cheers


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