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Today I received quite a pleasant surprise. Andrew emailed me today and informed me that this blog had been referenced on, one of the biggest bloggers in the Orthodox Blogosphere.

See the specific entry and comments here. I find it amazing how half a world away in North Carolina (USA), that someone unbeknownst to me actually discovered and linked to me, it is really flattering. If you read the comments you will see how it came about.

Well that was my highlight for the day.

It seems that they are ironing out a few bugs in the previously mentioned new version of Konfabulator (*ahem* Yahoo Widget Engine). Look forward to 3.0.1 coming out real soon to rectify the bugs.

The countdown to the wedding continues, and now literally! While stumbling around the Konfabulator *ahem* Yahoo Widget Engine (can you tell I reallylike the new name?? /sarcasm) Widget Gallery, I found a very appropriate widget for this period of my life, the Wedding Countdown widget. I don't know if this will be a good thing, as now I can see, down to the minutes and seconds, how much time we have left to organise everything. Current count is 64 days 16 hours and a bit.

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