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Holidays and Christmas Approaching

Santa and Reindeer Queen St MallI know I haven't mentioned it, but it is that time of year again: this wonderful time where a few people still celebrate Christ Jesus coming into our world. The picture on the right was taken in the City where they have a pretty impressive Santa and reindeer wire-skeletons lit up with little blue lights hanging from the Queen St mall roof. (please no Santa vs. Jesus flame wars here)

We did the majority of our Christmas shopping this week on Monday and Tuesday night in the city. The City was open late till 9 all this week, and although I expected it to be packed with people that i would have to fight through, surprisingly it was pretty-much dead, which made for a very pleasant Christmas shopping experience (probably not so pleasant for the retailers though).

Apparently Christmas Day on Sunday is going to be 38 degrees C, which is going to fry people. Luckily this year we are having Christmas over our place where it is air-conditioned. I always find it amazing how in the two hemispheres at the same time people are experiencing entirely opposite weather conditions. While we are going to be sitting in pools of sweat on Christmas day, people up north are probably freezing their buts off.

My holidays started this afternoon and we go back to work on the 3rd. My holiday is going to be pretty busy me thinks: we have planned to do a lot of stuff for generally organising the wedding and fixing up the unit. The clock is ticking.

Geeky news: it seems that the old Yahoo! Widget Engine is having a few problems with the new version. It has been barely week, and now there is already a 3.0.2 to fix all the bugs. It seems pretty much stable now though...

Also I can't remember mentioning some other pretty big geek news: in the last few weeks Adobe completed the acquisition of Macromedia (the company that makes Dreamweaver, Flash, etc of which I have used to design this site). It's going to be some interesting times ahead for the Macromedia set of products, I just hope that Adobe doesn't stuff them up. Here's hoping though.

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