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Christmas and Afterwards

Christ is Born! Glorify Him!

Christmas 2005 has come and gone. A expected the day itself was extremely busy: went to the 8:30 Church service at St George, followed by attending 3 separate relatives residences for Lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner, which finished at approximately 10pm.

The most notable of my presents this year was a poker set complete with chips and a couple of decks of cards. Although I never play for money or anything, I still enjoy a little competetive card play, and the chips in the set make it pretty fun.

Today we spent a very tiring day fixing up the unit. I always find this period between Christmas and New Year's as very strange. It's the kind of week which is supposed to be lazy in which most people have for a holiday until just after the start of the New Year. I realise that I am really making little sense here.

Anywho, as the year draws to a close, I am really looking forward to doing my 'Year in Review' blog entry (as i did last year) where I go through all the entries from this year and pull-out my highlights. Although for the regular readers this is probably the most boring entry of the year, I thoroughly enjoy going over everything I've done throughout the year. Stay tuned, or refreshing/reloading... whatever

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