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Losing Streak

It seems the views for this blog have returned to numbers that I would classify as 'normal' in the past week or so, after the extraordinary high numbers that occurred a few weeks ago.

Plans for the Wedding are rolling along: the bed etc has been ordered, we've picked up the invites from the printers and I plan to have a look at suits in the next week or so.

Played indoor today, and we lost again: this time literally by a last second goal that sunk us 3-2. That means that since our semi-final quite a few weeks ago, all our matches since have been losses. Today's performance wasn't that bad, we at least deserved a draw from the tight match.

I scored our second goal, one which I was quite happy with the quality of my finish, although in honesty I probably should of had a couple more. But it's all good, it's still the trials and we really aim to lose a few trial games so we get put into a lower division.

This afternoon we had a set of pretty nasty storms go through Brisbane. In the last week almost every afternoon we have had a storm. Although the rain is good, I don't think a lot of it has been going into the catchment areas for the damns to top-up our city's water supply in order to break the drought, and associated water restrictions, that we've been experiencing in the last year or so.

Somehow I think that I have a lot more to blog than I've currently written, but at the moment I lack the memory and will-power to actually conjure up a little more substance. My apologies.

5 thoughts on “Losing Streak”

  1. Oooh I wish I could afford to go to your wedding still:(

    Meanwhile, I miss storms!! AND WARM WEATHER!!! It's only getting up to 4 degrees here today.

  2. Cold weather is okay-ish, it's just that here it seems to drag on forever! It won't be anywhere near warm again until April:( I'm not sure I can last that long!!


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