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Creeping Up Quickly & Idolatry

Man are these days flying by. We have just past the 3 month marker until the wedding. This weekend the unit is getting painted, and hopefully soon we'll have the timber laminate flooring down.

I have to get on-top of other things, such as arranging suit hire and much much more. I've been meaning to draw up a solid 'to do' list because it seems that about 3 times a day i remember or think of something else that needs to be done.

In continuing the Australia-qualifying-for-the-World-Cup thing, here's something that was forwarded to me this week:

Hoff to Germany

I find it amazing how recently there exists an almost competition-like environment for people to try and put something of David Hasslehoff into a photo of basically anything in order to make it humorous.

At work on Friday we had an interesting conversation/debate on how 'Australian Idol' is not an appropriate name for said show for a (mostly) Christian society.

Everybody knows that in Christianity, as well as most other religions, Idolatry and idol-worship is strictly forbidden. But isn't the Idol TV show, in essence not intended to be idolatry? Granted, yes, but still in naming it that, you are basically either committing idolatry or cheapening the word and meaning of it, which is still unacceptable because you would want it to retain it's pretty important and serious meaning.

Just because you call it something and don't really mean it doesn't take away from the intentions and associations of the name. My example was if you called it 'Australian Sex-Romp' and it is still a singing contest, it doesn't and shouldn't take away from the inappropriateness of the name.

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  1. "Australian Sex-Romp" hey? Give it a few years and i'm sure it would be another reality TV show taking the world by storm... actualy on second thought don't because MTV is so close to shows like that at the moment so it doesnt matter anyway. TV sucks, except for Simpsons & Futurama.


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