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Arsenal’s Records Safe for Another Year

As a staunch Arsenal supporter, it is a very rare occasion that I support Manchester United going into a game, let alone celebrate when they win one. However on the weekend I did both. Why? Because they played, and subsequently beat Chelsea.

I was beginning to get worried that Chelsea might break Arsenal's superb records from two seasons ago: firstly going 49 games unbeaten in the premiership, and secondly and most important of all, going a whole season unbeaten, which hadn't happened since the 19th century before Arsenal did it.

Chelsea was on 40 games unbeaten in the Premiership, and I greatly rejoiced at Manchester United beating them, resetting that counter to 0, and preventing them the possibility of going unbeaten for this season at least.

The last few days have been very hectic, and i'm sure that it will continue to get worse as we get closer to wedding. At the moment we are trying to finalise invitations, and also getting the unit in order. On the list for that is flooring, painting, and air-conditioning (the latter being compulsory for Sir Sweat-a-lot here).

As always on the blog, I like to post things that amuse me. Today I stumbled upon a government website that both amused me, and made me slightly angry: The National Toilet Map: I think it's quite funny that you can get maps for public toilets, and even funnier that you can save 'your favourite toilets' to a profile created on the site. On the flipside, I see this as an immense waste of my taxpaying dollars!

Next was an image that I got in a forward the other day, shown below. I found it absolutely hilarious, this image really typifies my sense of humour. It's insanely simple, totally stupid, but I love it.

You Rock!

3 thoughts on “Arsenal’s Records Safe for Another Year”

  1. A. I will ignore comment about Chelsea...
    B. I also like that comic!!
    C. I don't know how to do a 'proper' blog on my website! With like, comments and everything. Can you point me somewhere that will spell it out in an idiot-proof fashion?:D

  2. A. :p
    B. :p
    C. there isn't really an idiot-proof product/way to set up a 'proper' blog on a website without using one of the providers that do it for you (such as blogger, live journal, msn spaces etc).

    I suggest either getting someone to do it for you or go to one of the aforementioned providers.


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