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Too Hot & Water Restrictions

Lucas SucksThe image to the right is something that Michael did at work while experimenting with Photoshop CS2 vanishing points, which is quite a remarkable feature in the latest offering from Adobe. I thought it might be good to put it up here, i found it quite amusing.

Work this week has been kind of busy, as i've had to assume another person's role as well as my own for this week as he has gone on holidays. Plus the new water restrictions have come into place this week, which means using sprinklers is now banned, so tonight I spent over an hour watering the garden. Man we need some rain soon.

What the heck is the deal with this weather?! Today was 35°C and Saturday is supposedly going to be even hotter. It's supposed to be the middle of spring! It feels like we've skipped a season and have gone straight into summer.

After we get married and move out, there are two supposed 'luxuries' that are not even an option for me, they are necessities: broadband internet (for obvious reasons), and air-conditioning. The internet I could live without for a few weeks in summer, but air-conditioning is a must-have, especially considering my ability to produce copious amounts of sweet at the slightest hint of heat. If someone could figure out how to convert my sweat into drinking water we'd be off water restrictions for the whole of summer. And i never exaggerate, not ever, not in a million, gazillion years

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