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The Foot Has Been Kissed

I finished off the working week without any major dramas on Friday. I can't really remember what we did on Friday night so it mustn't have been too eventful.

Sun through cloudsOn Saturday we lazed around after sorting through some more unit-purchasing garbage. I can't wait until we can just forget about all that stuff. The inset photo is something I took on my phone on Saturday afternoon. I find it amazing how every now-and-then you get these spectacular displays of rays of sunshine shining through breaks in the clouds. It really stirs up the faith in you seeing the wonder of God's creation. Saturday night we went to Church, and afterwards went out to a restaurant to celebrate a birthday.

Unfortunately due to the really bad drought the region is going through and the subsequent water restrictions because of it, we had to leave the celebration early so we could go home and water the plants. Sad, i know. This was necessary because the new water restrictions include a complete ban on sprinklers, and for our side of the street watering is only permitted on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and only during the hours of 7pm to 7am with a twist or trigger hose. Very annoying, but understandable.

Today we did some driving and eventually went back my place and watched the movie Without a Paddle, which wasn't too bad, but wasn't all that good either.

This afternoon we went to Church to attend a talk by Father Anastassi to a group of catechumens (people who are being taught the principles of the Church who haven't yet been baptised, but are on their own journey towards doing so). Although I have been baptised since just after I was born, I like attending these sort of things as I find the 'basics' a great learning experience. I often find that catechumens and newly baptised adults/converts know a lot more about the faith and the Church than I do, mainly because they have sought out the Church and it's teachings by themselves and have been educated properly as adults, rather than born into it without having the fundamental basics really taught or instructed to you. I am always learning new things which explain so much more.

Tonight I went and played my first proper game of indoor football since I broke my foot a while ago. I don't count last week as a 'proper' game as I was goal-keeping for the whole match, and didn't really play out in the field. Although I have to get my fitness and my skills back, I think I played a pretty good game. The opposition wasn't the best (probably good in a comeback game), and I even managed to score two goals. As promised a few weeks ago, I kissed my broken foot after scoring my first goal.

It is such a great feeling playing again, I truly love it. The broken part of my foot feels absolutely fine, with only the very rare slightest hint of pain, and none of it coming while playing. My ankle was the thing I was most worried about, after not using it for three months, it's still not totally match-fit. I strapped up my ankle for this game just to be safe, and although now a little stiff, it came though ok.

3 thoughts on “The Foot Has Been Kissed”

  1. Rolando - I never score any goals with my left foot, so I think there is more chance of me breaking my foot again than scoring a goal with it. A goal is a goal! As your countrymen would go: goooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll!

    Andrew: A) I remember most of what I learnt (although it is less than 24 hours afterwards)
    B) Thank you!


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