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Settled: We Own Property!

Today was the settlement date for the unit we were purchasing. After a few hiccups and surprises in the morning, everything went all cool, and we are now owners of our very own unit (and the accompanying massive debt to the bank). Now that this mini-saga is over, now starts the saga of preparing the place for when we move into it after we get married, including fixing it up etc.

In the last few days I also got my Homestar order that i did a fair bit back. The DVD is awesome as expected, and the poster will really go well in the new place.

In other news, the rumour mill is once again in overdrive about Apple finally launching an iTunes Music Store here in Australia. It's about time they got of their behinds and actually did it; the competitors in Australia at the moment, such as Telstra's BigpondMusic and the Ninemsn/HMV stores are absolutely pathetic in terms of their interface etc. Both of them are absolutely atrocious in Firefox, which is reason enough for me not to use them.

Anywho, very sweepy, so it's bed-time for me.

2 thoughts on “Settled: We Own Property!”

  1. Ahoy-hoy! Congrats on settling on the property! I'm sure you guys will make it a beautiful Greek home, filled with baklava and smashed plates:D.

    Seriously though, dude, post some pics!!


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