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Need Sleep

I've just had a very busy weekend. I've barely had time to sit down and do nothing. On Saturday I was up early to go shopping for invitations for the wedding, and then to show a few relatives through our recently acquired unit. After that we went and had lunch, and then went to Despina's to do a few tax returns.

I came home, got changed, and then went to Church. After Church we went out to a Vietnamese place in West End, in which the food was quite nice. However I didn't enjoy some of the conversation that took place there. Although i've got nothing against discussion, I just wish we could go out after Church and for once not have any heated theological discussions. Most of the time it isn't really constructive, and a lot of the stuff discussed I would prefer to take place in front of a Priest so we could have an authority from a knowledgeable Church official to guide the discussion and its conclusions, rather than people reaching their own ones independent of the Church. Plus it takes away from the overall enjoyability of the outing. (yes i have now coined the word 'enjoyability' if it hasn't already been done so).

We went to Maccas after dinner to have dessert and then went home.

This morning I got up relatively early to attend me and Despina's second nephew's baptism. That, as well as the lunch etc etc, took up the whole day up until around 7pm, after which we had dinner and come home, and now i'm here.

Because of the Christening, I missed out on the semi-final on indoor football that our team had today. I wasn't really allowed to play anyway, because in order to play in the finals you have to at least play 5 games for the team in the regular season; something i did not do due to my broken foot. We won the game, and now face Jack's team in the final next week. I wish I could play, but I guess that's the way it goes.

I am really very tired, so i'm off to bed after backing-up my stuff.

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