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Quality Entry

I have had a look over my recent blog entries and have realised that comparing them to, say a year ago, that they have considerably declined in quality. For this, I apologise to my loyal readers, and will rectify this situation with this entry, which shall be a long and significantly better quality one. (Editors note: last paragraph done a little tongue-in-cheek)

Saturday night we went to Church, and as per the declaration last week, afterwards everyone went back to my place to have watch a movie. Got back to our place and ordered pizzas, and everybody eventually agreed to watch the movie, Heartbreakers, which is one of my favourite movies, and just never seems to get old.

After the movie, we stayed at my place and talked for a while (a while being till ~2am). I very much enjoyed it nonetheless, and I hope everyone else did. We should do it more often.

On Sunday was a day at Bribie for the celebration for the Panayia Myrtiodissa. A relevant note that has come to me in the past few days, is that at the Kytherian Dinner at the Greek Club on Saturday night and on Sunday at Bribie, it was made publicly aware (not sure how though) to the Kytherians of the Archbishop's decision that the Bribie chapel would not be specifically named after their patron, and will rather be named a more generic 'Panayia'. Apparently the proverbial excrement has hit the proverbial fan in that regard. Stuff em, I say. Let them donate a couple of mil' to finish the project and they can have a massive statue right in middle of the youth centre for all i care. Somehow i doubt the Bribie Youth Centre will be receiving many more donations from the Kytherian community in the future.

On Sunday morning we went to watch indoor football, and I even ended up playing as goal-keeper for the first 5 or so minutes, as a few of our players were a bit late. Made two disgustingly horrendous mistakes that eventually cost us a goal, but we ended up winning the game. I can't wait to play again, hopefully within a few weeks.

After that we went to Bribie, getting there at around 2pm, and strangely everyone was leaving just as we were arriving. I was surprised at that: 2pm is hardly late in the afternoon to pack up and leave. We got some of the last of the food, and spent a bit of time at the beach before heading back home.

I have worked as per normal the past few days. I've also ended up making another Homestar order: I ordered the Trogdor baseball cap, the new poster, and the latest DVD. Can't wait till that comes.

In the last few days I have also seen a few hilarious things. Firstly, is a parody of Apple's iPod Nano commercial. The original ad can be seen here, and the parody can be seen here.

Also amusing is a collection of photos of signs that i have received, especially the first one (although i'm pretty sure that one isn't real):

Sharp Edges!


Don't Drink and Drive

Drive Carefully

Attention Dogs


No Stopping

Cow Sign

Strawberry S Cake

And one that is very relevant today:

The Price of Fuel

It has taken me over an hour to do this entry, enjoy!

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  1. I'm impressed! A very enjoyable entry, my dear sir!

    Oh by the way, there could be a slight hitch re. coming to your wedding. That slight hitch being a rather less-that-slight tax bill heading my way...:(


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