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Goodbye spaceboot (For now…)

As mentioned previously, last week I went and got X-rays to see how my broken foot was going. Unfortunately it wasn't going to well: the fracture still has not healed.

I went back to my GP on Friday, who was now out of her league, consequently referred me to an orthopedic surgeon to see what to do about it. I went there today, and the Doctor told me that after this long, there was little chance that the fracture would heal. He also told me that because I currently have no pain in the foot, to try and get out of the boot and walk normally in shoes for a few days to see how it feels. He said that if it feels fine just to leave the bone floating in there, but if it is painful or uncomfortable, that we would probably have to operate to remove the bone. I'll be going back on Friday to report my findings.

I've worn a normal shoe for all of tonight since i've gotten home, and although a little sore (i've this crappy boot on for the last 12 weeks) it doesn't feel too bad. Here's hoping.

It's really disappointed me that this whole broken foot thing has taken this long. Watching the other guys play soccer both at indoor every Sunday as well as up at Bribie last week really makes me realise how much I enjoy playing and how much I sorely miss it. I really look forward to playing again, but I want to make sure not to rush it; the last thing I want to happen is me to bugger the foot up even more and not be able to play for a longer amount of time, or even again.

Whatever happens, when I score a goal again, I will make sure to kiss my left foot for finally making it through.

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