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Where did that week go?

I know that I haven't really blogged lately. Shame on me in the blogging world.

This week has just vanished into thin air before my eyes. I really find it hard to believe that it is Friday already. I guess that I have just been so busy with everything lately. It seems of late that every weekend day there has been something on and something to do that I really haven't had a break to take a breath.
Also this past week me and Despina have started to look for a place to live for once we are married. Trying to find real estate is a very time intensive endeavour, and we really have just started looking. After only a week we have already inspected a few places, some ok, some not-so-ok, some absolutely fabulous.

Of course the difference and the decider is the green... and the yellow, red, blue, and so on (this is Australia after all).

Going to be now, I've got a day full of inspections tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to make another entry sometime this weekend.

10 thoughts on “Where did that week go?”

  1. Ugh, I hate looking for places to live:(. So time consuming! A real estate agents are poo-heads.

    Oh and I'll think you find that the majority of a game of AFL is played by 'kicking' the ball down the field:P.

    1 week, three days!

  2. Andrew: in the US, 'The Green' is a referral to money (based on the colour of their notes). Here the notes obviously are a wider array of colours.

    Mel: AFL may involve kicking (most sports do), but the primary means of handling and manipulating the ball is still with the hands. Hence, 'soccer' is the only true form of football.

    Rolando: See Mel's blog entry where I deride her for calling AFL 'real football'

  3. true. soccer is the only real football.

    in spanish speaking countries when you say footbal everyone knows you mean soccer, the ONLY real footbal.


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