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Burninated Trivia and A-League FOOTBALL

I've had a semi-eventful weekend the past few days. As has been the pattern recently, on Saturday we spent almost the whole day looking for a place to live. I've got to say that it is really starting to wear thin.

After Church on Saturday night we went to a Trivia night that the CYB (Cypriot Youth of Brisbane) were hosting at Cyprus House (or the West End Club as it is now known). I really enjoyed it, except for our table (which Andrew and I autonomously named 'The Burninators') coming second by 3 points after leading the contest for basically the whole night. I think that it was rigged ;). It was a really fun night though.

Today after watching another impressive performance by the indoor team (they won 4-1), we went to see the inaugural A-League Football match in Queensland and Suncorp Stadium between the Queensland Roar and the New Zealand Knights. I was really impressed by the turn-out (~20,000 if i recall correctly), and the game wasn't that bad either. Queensland basically dominated the whole game from start-to-finish, but lacked any real final sting to capitalise on their possession. However, they did end up scoring two late goals to win the match 2-0, with the first goal a real cracker.

6 thoughts on “Burninated Trivia and A-League FOOTBALL”

  1. Con: yes, no more Brisbane Strikers

    Mel: I would hardly call a 1-0 flukish goal win an 'arse kicking', but yes, they did beat Arsenal (please also note correct spelling :P).

  2. heh heh heh, memory recalls that they used to be the queensland lions, and then they changed their name, wonder why...
    ...oh wait. maybe it was because a better _football_ team had that name! let's see what code is second on the list now!
    a/s (going back into hibernation, i suspect)

  3. memory recalls that the fitzroy lions merged into the brisbane bears to become the brisbane lions. being over 5 years ago, i'm fairly sure that was both before the qld roar replaced the qld lions and before the lions/roar replaced the strikers. a/s


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