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Bad Parenting, Holiday & More Better Learning

Of course today is the Ekka holiday. Some, like myself, are lucky to have it off. Others, like Despina, aren't so lucky. I still think that every second Wednesday should be a holiday: i think it would refresh everyone a whole lot more, and everybody would be a whole lot more productive (this is me dreaming of course).

I went with Wil to see Star Wars for one last time, as the Balmoral cinemas had an adults at kids prices special final screening of it. The movie is almost completely gone from cinemas, so I enjoyed watching it on the big screen for one last time. The DVD comes out in the first few days of November.

When I was standing in line to get the tickets, I overheard two lots of parents taking their respective children of 8, 9, 10 and 12 to go see The Wedding Crashers. Having seen this movie on Saturday night, in my mind I was shaking my head, as the movie is totally not suitable for children that age mostly because of its sexual content. Parents have really got to get some backbone and responsibility and say NO. The ratings are there for a reason, and it is not healthy for CHILDREN, let alone young teenagers, to see movies like that. And then 5 years later, the parents are the ones complaining when their young teenage boy has knocked up some girl and that they are going to be grandparents at the age of 40.

I got xrays on my foot in the past week and on Monday I went to the doctor's to see if I can take this darn boot off. I didn't get good news: apparently it hasn't healed much at all, and the doctor, after consulting with a podiatrist, advised me to keep wearing the boot for another 4 weeks. *sigh*

Anyways, on Saturday I did almost a full day of hunting for a place, driving all over place. I really don't like it, it is sooooo time-consuming, and add to that my trademark impatience, it doesn't make for a happy house-hunter. At least because of my boot, I don't have to take off my shoes when entering the houses :). Hopefully we'll be able to find a suitable place soon. On Saturday night after Church we had the biggest post-Church outing that I have attended, and after that some of us went and saw The Wedding Crashers, which was quite funny.

On the weekend was the start of the new English Premier League season. I stayed up on Sunday night to watch Arsenal's first game. They played pretty poorly, but still managed to win the game 2-0, most arguing with a lot of assistance with the referee.

Over the past week I was also informed of a hilarious site: The Australian International University. Although the site looks genuine, if you read the various sections it is actually quite a hilarious parody. Having "More Better Learning" as its slogan, and its coat of arms containing a dollar sign, it is so funny. Look out for the 'Academic Jihad' part. Gold!

6 thoughts on “Bad Parenting, Holiday & More Better Learning”

  1. no wonder Zhmerincans are messed up, they don't even know the real name of they're country.

    hehehe, just kidding, that is funny though.

  2. Yeah i have been watching most of the opening games of the premier league on Foxtel,

    On a different note, what do you think about the new Australian Hyundai A- League??? Personally i reckon it is a good idea, and i am going to try and support it

  3. Firstly, I think that it absolutely fantastic that they are calling it 'football' here in Australia. It's about time people started calling it by the proper name.

    I think that with the proper support it has plenty of potential. I love the ads too.

  4. i've seen the weirdest ads for the a-league thing - what is it, how is it different from, well, the current socball competition in australia? a/s

  5. The A-League (presumably standing for Australian League) is the new, revamped, and revitalised Australian football competition, replacing the previous soccer competition.


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