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Last Uni Results: Uni Officially Finished

Although I was already 99% sure that I would pass all my courses, today I received the official confirmation.

I got a 5 (Credit) for all of my last three courses of my degrees that I undertook this past semester: COMP3502 Human Computer Interaction, HIST2602 Empires, and HIST2609 History of the Great Powers.

Overall I am satisfied with these results, although I could have done much better if I applied myself better, especially for the exams.

These results also mean that I have officially completed all the requirements of both my IT and Arts degrees, and I will be graduating on the 22nd of this month assuming that I will be fit enough to make it there.

Today I worked out my final GPAs of my uni career:
For my IT degree: 6.25 (between a Distinction and a High Distinction)
For my Arts degree: 5.06 (between a Credit and a Distinction)

So I have a final overall GPA of 5.67 over all 9 semesters of uni, which i don't think is too shabby. It's kind of weird that the Arts degree has actually dragged down my GPA instead of improving it, but I guess that it reflects my priorities when I was studying.

Now especially for Mel:

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