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I think this may have been one of the first time that I have gone a week without blogging. Shame shame shame.

I've sort of had good reason though: starting work full-time again has taken me a bit off-guard, plus there have been various things that have taken up my time out of work.

The biggest thing of the past week was that yesterday was my graduation. I now have my two valuable pieces of paper. As I promised a while back, I have scanned them in and they are shown below as well as in the Gallery.

My IT degree

My Arts Degree

Although I hobbled into the hall on my crutches, when I went up to receive my degree I walked all by myself. After shaking the deputy-Chancellor's hand (who said "Glad you could make it") and receiving my empty cylinder, I held it up high and with the other hand gave a thumbs-up to the crowd.

Some photos are below:

Me at Graduation

Me with my degrees

I might as well sum up the past week as well, here we go:

Sunday had a lazy day, and then went and saw Batman Begins at Balmoral. People had been raving about how good this movie was, but I didn't really see why. It was definitely good, probably the best Batman movie, but i didn't think it was all that great.

I worked Monday and Tuesday, and after work on Wednesday, me and Despina went and saw a preview screening of Monster In-Law at the Myer Centre cinemas. Despina had gotten free tickets to see the preview screening after deciding on and ordering her wedding dress. Not wanting to turn down going to see a free movie, we went. I liked the movie, it was quite funny. One thing stood out though: Jennifer Lopez's character worked part-time at a Doctor's surgery for one 'Dr Patel'. Strange coincidence... I wonder how common a name 'Patel' is in India...

Went to Bible study last night, and afterwards went to MickyD's and saw off Andrew who is heading down to Sydney for a few days to spend some time at a monastery down there.

Other than that, I didn't do too much except work, eat, shower, and sleep, with nearly all of those activities taking about 50% longer because of my relative immobility.

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