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Back To Work & TA Returning?!

On Thursday i returned to work after a prolonged absence caused by exams and then this broken foot. In the two days that I have worked predictably I have attracted a various amount of humorous nicknames/labels: Skippy, Hoppy, Hobbles etc.

I'm looking forward to going to Church tonight after missing many weeks. It'll be good to see everyone as well.

I was very happy to find out from Michael at work, that there will be a sequel to possibly my favourite game ever: Total Annihilation.

The original Total Annihilation (TA), originally released ~1998, was the ultimate RTS (real-time strategy) game, and whooped everything that was out at the time, and in my opinion, for many years after that as well.

Unfortunately, Cavedog Games, the company that made TA, didn't do too well, and the game that they released after that, Total Annihilation: Kingdoms, was pretty garbage. Thus Cavedog went bust, and a sequel to the original TA was never made. There have been rumours that a sequel was going to be developed many various companies, as the rights for the Total Annihilation name was passed around.

Now the original developer of TA, Chris Taylor, is developing a 'Spiritual Sequel' to TA, called Supreme Commander. Obviously because of legal reasons he can't call it Total Annihilation 2 and use the same storyline, or even use the same names for factions or naming of units, but it is largely being made in the same spirit as the original TA.

There is the official Supreme Commander website, and an awesome drool-worthy initial preview on the Gamespy website containing lots of game info, including some screenshots.


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