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Was listening to the radio lately and it came to me that all mainstream songs are almost inherently similar in terms of content.

Let me summarise the the categories that songs fall into:
- I'm in love, yay! 🙂
- I'm in love, waaa! 🙁
- Why did (she/he)/(I) leave (me)/(him/her)?!
- He/she is stupid, glad he/she is gone!
- Life is great! / what a wonderful world!
- Life sucks! / I hate my life! / world is terrible!
- Want to get guy(s)/girl(s) and (get with)/(have sex with)/(do drugs with) them.

I know it is a bit of an over-generalisation, but most songs will fall into at least one of the above categories, sometimes even more than one. Feel free to add more.

Anyway, found out today that in-line with my previous calculation, I am currently sitting on 43.5% for COMP3501 ahead of the final exam on Saturday (worth 40%). So that means i need 6.5/40 to pass the course.

Then I thought: wait a minute... I only need a 3 to graduate (having already passed my other two courses this semester), which for this course is the band of 45-49%. Thus that means in order to graduate, all I need from this exam is 1.5/40.

As a result of this realisation, I have done not much study for this exam. I plan to do a very quick review tomorrow.

Today I spent mostly procrastinating. I also realised that I should take advantage of my last few days of being a student, and download all the Microsoft software from the school of ITEE at uni that I am entitled to being an IT student which I haven't already acquired. I downloaded another license of Win XP Pro, a copy of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition (not really sure if i'll ever use that), Virtual PC 2004, and others in addition to already having Visio 2003, Project 2003, Visual Studio.NET 2003, SQL Server 2000.

I am also doing a bit of research on private health cover for me as well as Despina, as when I finish studying I can't be under the family one anymore.

5 thoughts on “Songs”

  1. most rap songs are about b*tches, h*es, n*ggas and rides.

    only the hardcore gangsta rap is about drugs, and that is not usually played on mainstream radio.

  2. the first two mentioned are covered, not sure about the last one.

    I should probably add one more category for the rnb and rappers:

    - I/we are so great and cool / (s)he/they are stupid


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