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Cold and loving it

In the past few days winter has well and truly arrived. It has been really cold, and of course I am really enjoying this weather. The main reason why I so enjoy the cold, is that I can do something about it: put more clothes on; and plus also i don't sweat that much. With heat, and me being such a profuse sweater, there is nothing much you can easily do about it, except buy air-conditioning. But unfortunately that doesn't work outdoors.

Went to Church last night and went out afterwards. Today on MTV was a marathon of a show called 'Boiling Points', which is a hilarious hidden-camera reality show in which the show's actors in certain real-world situations try to piss off ordinary people, and if the people make it to the set time limit (say 10 mins) without losing it or calling the cops or alike, they win $100. Very funny stuff.

Speaking of pissed off people, I stumbled across an ingenious site: It's a site in which you can post anything that you are really pissed off about, which i think is a good idea. In looking at this site i found something that really pisses me off: people who write using text/internet shorthand. Example here. I can't stand it! It is half-ok to use in SMSs, but even there i don't like it. For most people it takes about 3 times as long to read and understand a reasonably long piece of text written in that garbage. Most of these people are young kids and I really feel sorry for them because they think it is a legitimate use of the English language, and when/if they start looking for jobs or filling out forms, they are going to get a very rude awakening. I personally think that they would be better off illiterate, because at least that way they can be taught from scratch.

Played indoor this afternoon against the lowest team in the competition, and beat them 8-1. We probably should've scored more to get more bonus points, but eh. Hopefully we'll win next week and still make the finals.

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