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Balding & Goal-Keeping

Although i've had the time recently, i haven't been in the mood for blogging.

Went for a haircut on Thursday, which of recent times has been a depressing experience. Why?: I am losing my hair. Not happy at all about it either. Over the past 6-12 months my hair has been steadily disappearing.

It's happening to my older brother as well. What makes it even more of an injustice, is that in my immediate family there is no history of early hair-loss. Dad didn't lose his hair till he was at least in his late 30s/early 40s, dad's father still has a considerably thick mop and he's in his late 70s.

Anywho, i've sort of resigned to my fate. All I want is to have enough hair to last me until the wedding so at least later in life i'll be able to show our kids (God willing) that dad had hair once.

Yesterday was indoor. I had said that I wouldn't be able to play because my toe is still considerably sore, but upon arriving there dressed in jeans, saw that they didn't really have enough players. So, for only the third time in my entire 14 year football career, I decided to goal-keep.

I've got to say that I am definitely not a goal-keeper. The last two times i 'kept was in junior soccer, and we lost the games 5-0 and 11-1, mostly due to my atrocious keeping skills. Although I didn't have much to do in the game thanks to some good defending, I exceeded my extremely low expectations of my keeping skills, and didn't do too badly. We ended up winning the game 5-2 mostly thanks to some awesome play by a ringer we recruited in order to have a sub.

Today was the Queen's Birthday public holiday, and I managed to convince Despina to see Star Wars with me one last time. This viewing exceeded my previous record of the number of times seeing a film at the movies, which was Episode II three years ago.

14 thoughts on “Balding & Goal-Keeping”

  1. Damn, Belinda...distracting me while I'm fixing typos. And thanks for pointing it out by the way, Natalie. 😛 (Lucas, don't scratch your head trying to work all this out, it may be unsafe.)

  2. lol, the flame war begins.

    I just had a look at a picture of my mum's dad at the age of 29, and although a little receded, he still had a fair bit of hair.

    Hopefully what I have left will last me a few more years...

  3. ahh, i love a good flame war. it combines the heat of flame...with the fun of war.
    and besides, if you go completely skinhead, it's a fashion statement. :D/(y)


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