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Sith Happened: Star Wars Premier

I know the title is a little clich? now, but what are ya gonna do?

Of course last night was the big night, the release of Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith. Had a really good time overall.

Got to the Garden City Megaplex at just before 9pm to get in line for the movie to start at midnight. I thought getting there at that time would put us near the start of the line. I was mistaken however, as there were already quite a few people there before us, but i still think that we were at the first 1/3 of the line.

It seemed that our line was the only line with a considerable number of people that had gotten there early, as most of the other lines had a relatively small amount of people when we arrived. I concluded that our cinema (No. 3) was the first that they had sold (I had bought my tickets the second day after they released them), and thus the people that bought the tickets in the first few days that they were on sale were also likely to be the freaks that would get there at 12pm to line up. One of my old friends from high-school was that first person there since midday. Ironically, if I had bought my tickets, say, two weeks later, we would have been in one of the smaller lines.

Anyway enough of my theories of line dynamics. Was a great atmosphere, ended up learning poker to pass the time to midnight. People were there all dressed up, I brought 2 lightsabers out of my collection. Midnight soon came, and they seated us in the cinema at about 11:40. We ended up getting awesome seats: right in the middle of the cinema. Was very happy about that.

The movie? I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though it was an overall tragic and sad story. Great special effects, great plot, although I was a little disappointed that the movie did not contain the same violence that the book had (serves me right reading the book first). Overall it was awesome. It was really Palpatine's movie, although Obi-Wan's (Ewan's) acting in this was first-class, really emotional.

The movie finished to applause.

Got home at around 3am, went straight to sleep. Decided that the HIST2602 lecture wasn't worth getting up for, so I slept in to 10. Still had to go to uni to hand in my HIST2609 essay, and attend my HIST2602 tut, which only 3 other people turned up for who all apparently didn't go to the lecture, so something must have happened there.

Despina wanted to see Star Wars as well, and I was more than happy to oblige, and we went and saw the 3:30 session at Southbank, which surprisingly was absolutely packed. It was good seeing it again so soon after seeing it for the first time, as it allowed me to pick up the intricacies of the movie without having to concentrate as much, and was quite enjoyable.

6 thoughts on “Sith Happened: Star Wars Premier”

  1. saw the title and laughed. the result, perhaps, of not being a sw fan. did, btw, being first in the queue mean that you got better seats, or just that you got to blog about being first in the queue?
    Despina wanted to see sw? *confuzzled*

  2. Sorry, we weren't first in the queue, we were actaully quite a bit behind the start. One of my friends from school that I haven't seen in ages was the first guy.

  3. i see that you neglected to mention how it was you came about those seats.
    overall OMFG, best of all 6 i say.
    i told you that you shouldn't have read the book beforehand

  4. well... no, there wasn't really much difference. In my opinion we even got better seats than the guy who was first in the line, thanks to Rolando's excellent seat-scouting abilities. 🙂


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