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Serves me right….

Serves me right being a goody-two-shoes and coming into uni today. I'm in the labs typing this one out. Wednesday is normally my busiest day of this semester: 9-10 COMP3501 tute, 10-11 HIST2609 tute, 12-2 HIST2609 lecture, and a 2-4 COMP3501 lecture.

Went to my COMP3501 tute this morning as usual, and then went to go to the HIST2609 tute, to only find about 4 people there after turning up about a few minutes late. This doesn't seem right... i thought, so I checked the course outline, and lo-and-behold!: Week 9, 4 May: NO CLASSES!!!

So i've got from now until 2 to burn, 4 long blank uni hours. It's not really since my 1st year that I've had this kind-of time between classes. Except back then, it was every week. Maybe that's why i got such good marks back then...

I was expecting my mark for the COMP3501 mid-sem this week, but it looks like we won't be getting them soon.

I've got an interesting (very geeky) announcement in the next few days for all of my friends that may surprise some. You will recieve an email soon... (Don't get too excited, it really is quite stupid...)

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