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Mother’s Day & Derby Game

Friday saw the arrival of the DVDs that I ordered. I ordered The Family Guy Seasons 1 and 2 for about $20 each. However, I did not receive what I paid for, which was extremely frustrating. Season 2 was fine, but instead of them sending me the complete season 1, they sent me only Season 1 Disc 1.

Not happy. I sent an email to them on Friday morning, but have so far not received a response as to how i'm going to get my proper DVDs. Hoping for a response in the next 24 hours.

Saturday I started preparing for my COMP3501 assignment, and i'm going to be doing the required interviews for that next weekend.

Went to Church Saturday night, and afterwards went out where the conversation mainly centred around a person who came along to Church and afterwards after the departure of the priest, starting preaching his own views on Christianity, which apparently did not go down with the well-read young people that were present (I had already made my way to the food-eating destination as I was quite hungry). The two sides apparently agreed to disagree, and they eventually made their way to Nando's where i was not-so-patiently waiting.

Today was of course Mother's Day. Did a lot of stuff for Mum, and then went to indoor soccer.

Today's game was extremely important for me, as it was my first Derby game. Our local rivals are Nick's brother's team, and i've heard many a thing about some of their two team's encounters. Very tight game after the first half, we eventually showed our class (led by some great goalkeeping and playing by two-ringers we recruited to make up some numbers). But most of the awesome play was by our own team. The game was 8-3 to us with 2 mins to go before we slackened off and conceded two late goals.

So it finished 8-5, with me very happy at bagging a goal, and setting up many others. Preparing to face work tomorrow.

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  1. if memory recalls, there was no agreement to disagree, but rather that one member of the "well-read young people" group was hungry, and very vocal about said hunger. that member later got grr'd at for not saying anything, and used the 'i was hungry and wanted to leave!' defense. in XC, a/s


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