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Futsal and Library woes

Played mixed futsal on Monday night with Despina playing only her thrid game after missing a few sick. She played absolutely awesome, her running and getting into scoring positions was great, and in this game she actually got in the way of opposing players and tackled them quite well.

Me on the other hand, played absolutely terrible. The disparity in performance was adequately shown by Despina who scored her first ever goal (and the first female goal that our team has scored) having one goal, and me scoring none. Rhys played really well and bagged the other three goals as the game ended 4-2 to us.

Having a bit of the problem with the library recently. I had several overdue books last week... well, by several, i mean 9. So on Friday night I went in just to drop off all these books, and put all of them in the after-hours slot. Looked at my library record on Sunday, and found that it still showed that I had one book checked out.

I was positive that I had returned all nine books, as I had triple checked them before leaving home. So i emailed the library, and they said that they will take the book off my record, but the status is 'CL RETURNED' which means that the borrower has claimed it has been returned. A subsequent email from one of the librarians, said that they will endeavour to search the library for the book, but if it doesn't turn up after a month, i will probably be liable to pay to replace the book. This book wasn't small either, it was the third volume in the 5 volume Oxford History of the British Empire series. Not happy about that at all, and all in my last semester before i graduate. If i do get fined for that, I'm to elligible to graduate until I pay it.

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  1. hehe serves me right typing an entry out in the labs 5 minutes before a class!

    yes, it is supposed to be 'not eligible', and I won't correct the entry in order to leave it for humour.


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