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The Essay Slayed & Pontiff Passes

Finished my war of attrition for this essay, having just finished writing it tonight. I didn't really expect to finish it today, but after i got back from soccer i was just on a roll and wrote the last 500 words relatively quickly, references and all.

Speaking of soccer today: the trials for the new season continued, with us playing a team called The Squirrels, which actually contains one of Nick's uni lecturers. It was a very tight game, which was very defensive. It was 0-0 after half time, and i broke the deadlock and scored with about 6 or so minutes to go in the game. We controlled the game till the last 30 seconds, when a person (who shall remain nameless to protect their reputation, and also for no defamation suits against me) gifted the opposing team the ball right in front of our goal, to which they appropriately scored. 1-1 it finished.

To be fair, said person was playing really well up until that moment. I had the first crap game i've had in a long time. Although i scored, my performance today was pretty poor. I blame it on the week off, because it is a convenient scape-goat.

Last night Pope John Paul II died. Catholic or not, he was truly a remarkable man. This is usually one of those once to thrice in a lifetime occasions where we will witness the election of a new Pope. Although i am definitely not a Catholic, i still find the whole process intriguing.

Got work tomorrow, and uni starting up again this week.

6 thoughts on “The Essay Slayed & Pontiff Passes”

  1. it's usually a lot more frequent than that. you're assuming that every pope lasts for, like, 26 years. one would only have to be about 45, iirc, to get to their quota of 3 popes; and if 75 would get to 5 popes. heck, anyone around in 1978 would have gotten to 2.
    often asked how the election works, i'm no expert; so i rustled up...

  2. Yes that was a gift of a goal, but at least you will be in a lower position. Hey, whenever you want to lose a game again give us a call. hehehe.

  3. lol, I'll have to look at my Journalism notes, but I think it is a grey area. I think it is fine as long as it wasn't a purposeful act to destroy or degrade a person's reputation.

    Some definitions i've come across:

    - an abusive attack on a person's character or good name
    - The making of false, derogatory statements about a person's character, morals, abilities, business practices or financial status.

    I think your entry was fine though in that regard


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