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Palm Sunday Fete & Holy Week Begins

Today is the first day of the Orthodox Christian Holy Week, which means going to Church at least every night of this week, culminating in the Easter Resurrection service at midnight on Saturday night.

I haven't done as much study as i'd hoped to have done recently, so unfortunately that means i won't be able to have a study-free Holy Week.

One of the reasons why I didn't get as much study done was because of the great Shoe-Shopping Escapade of Friday. This was forced about mainly due to the fact that my everyday shoes were quickly giving in, with parts of the shoes flapping everywhere. So I had to get new shoes.

I'm usually pretty good with shoe shopping, it's usually a less than half-an-hour affair. But this time was different, we spent the better part of about 4 hours finding shoes. I think that the fashion for shoes today is crap, all I wanted were darkish shoes that looked sneaker-ish that were comfortable. Mathers, Williams didn't have jack, and Athlete's Foot really only had cross-trainers and runners. As a last roll of the dice we went to Myers, which surprisingly had a large collection of these type of shoes. After trying on about 4 or so pairs, I found ones that were comfortable.

Saturday night was the big Palm Sunday Fete at the English liturgy at St. George. A LOT of people showed up, which totally packed out the Church. I think that it was almost as bad as Easter itself.

I helped set up before-hand, also helping out with the more difficult than usual task of going around with the collection trays. Then Andrew and I had the even more difficult task of supervising and manning the Jumping Castle at the fete. Doing that kind of thing really starts to put you off having children. At the end, us big kids (16-23 year-olds) had a turn, almost tipping over the castle tackling each other. Lots of fun.

Photos of the Fete, and some nice shots of the beautifully decorated Church can now be seen in the Gallery.

Speaking of the Gallery, i'm not sure if anyone was aware, but there was a bug in the display of the Gallery in Firefox for some time now. It was possible to get a good display by refreshing the browser once or twice, but this was quite annoying. So last night I finally pulled my finger out and updated the script that the gallery runs off to fix the bug. This meant me having to go line-by-line through my old style sheet, and update the new one, which was a little tedious and kept me up past midnight. But in the end, it all looks good.

Yesterday, studied and played indoor in which we thrashed the opposition 9-3, myself scoring two goals. I had an ok game, pretty good in attack, but pretty woeful in defence. Church tonight means we won't be playing mixed futsal this week.

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