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Exam and Presanctified

I still feel very tired, even after sleeping in till 9 this morning. I guess I've had a even busier than normal busy over the past few days.

Since my last post, on Tuesday night we went to the talk on the series about An Introduction to Orthodoxy. This week was on Baptism, Marriage, and Death, and really an explanation of all the services associated with each. I was particularly looking forward to this week, for the marriage thing is highly relevant to me and Despina at the current time.

Disappointingly, there wasn't enough time to cover marriage, and will be covered next week before the final talk in the series.

Wednesday I had uni, and the exam i've been complaining about for the best part of the last week. It was a really short exam, in fact probably the shortest exam i've ever undertaken at uni: only 50mins long plus 5 mins perusal.

I got through it, but i wouldn't have a clue how well i did. It was one written answer exams where, depending on the way it is marked, I think i could have aced, comfortably passed, scraped a pass, or even failed. I guess we'll see soon enough.

What was particularly rude, was that in the 2 hour lecture block that that subject had, the course coordinator even had the nerve to have a lecture after the exam! Like a paranoid idiot, i stayed around for it, and it was so not worth my time as she mainly covered things she covered on the last lecture save for 3 slides at the end. Not happy.

After that went to Church for the Canon of St Andrew of Crete, helped making candles and cutting icons for Pascha, then went home absolutely exhausted.

Yesterday, I went to uni from 12-1, and afterwards went to work where some fancy new portal software was due to be installed by a consultancing company and they wanted me there to maybe learn how to develop applications for it. However, it sort of hit a hitch, and didn't really go ahead and they were gone by the time i got there. Ah well.

Rushed to to Church for the Liturgy of the Pre-Sanctified gifts, where i helped out in the altar, and very scarily ended up by myself helping Fr A, as Andrew went out to assist Fr D in the chanting. I was generally very clumsy, and the darkness that the Pre-Sanctified Liturgy is done in didn't really help. I nevertheless enjoyed the Liturgy and helping out in it, but i would like to reaffirm my belief that I was not meant to be an altar boy!

Other exciting things for me have been getting the novelization of the upcoming Star Wars movie, and I have already read through a quarter of it.

Planning to research for my next essay today ahead of the extended Akathist hymn tonight at Church.

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  1. thanks mate. i ditched as i thought a lecture after was a bit rude too!
    but was paranoid on the bus that she may tell everyone something for just staying around. good to see she didnt! cheers.


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