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Save Toby & The Sphere O’ Fear

In the past week I stumbled upon a hilarious but also disturbing website:

This site is about a guy who is threatening to eat is adorable little pet bunny Toby, unless he receives USD$50,000 in donations or the purchase of merchandise by the 30th of June. Quite funny, and he has actually raised almost $20,000 already.

In this past Aussie Easter Holiday weekend, I have started researching my HIST2602 (Empires) essay. I have chosen the topic: How useful is the term 'imperial overreach' in Paul Kennedy's Rise and Fall of the Great Powers? Discuss in relation to any two imperial powers.

The research has been a little more difficult than I have anticipated. Still have work tomorrow, but i plan to spend the rest of this week starting to write, and hopefully to finish that essay to get one of my big assessment pieces out of the way.

Yesterday Rolando also exposed me to a very hilarious Star Wars: Episode III spoof. Entitled 'A Lost Hope', it really is funny, but you probably won't get most of the jokes unless you are a pretty big Star Wars fan. Most funny part is where the Emperor in thinking of the name for the Death Star thinks of the 'Sphere O' Fear'. lol

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  1. it's always the case. if it's cute and fluffy, we go hysterical. just imagine if he was threatening to eat his "adorable" rat Slimey. he'd be lucky to get, well, anything. a/s


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