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Rage Against Rolando’s Machine

Been so busy over the past few days I haven't even had time to blog about one of the most enjoyable and satisfying things that I've ever done with a computer. More on that a little later. (and shame on you if you are thinking naughty!)

Starting on Saturday, I went over Andrew's place to help them with the wireless network that they tried setting up. They had an adsl modem/router trying to plug into the wireless router. I got the wired network working as normal, but the wireless part was beyond my powers. I think Andrew's mum eventually rang up netgear (the brand of router they have) and I think Netgear is now replacing their possibly faulty product.

Sunday was the best. We played indoor soccer at 12:40, in which we played the team immediately above us in the ladder and beat them 10-5. I played a pretty poor game in my own opinion, directly responsible for at least 2 of our goals.

Sunday afternoon was the fun part. I mentioned a few weeks ago that after we had transferred the files off Rolando's old computer, that we were going to totally destroy the old piece of junk. On Sunday we actually did it, and boy was it fun.

We were originally going to do it in an isolated part of a park or bushland, but Rolando's mum raised a valid point that we could possibly get arrested for doing such a thing in a public place. We eventually decided to do it just in front of Rolando's place.

Rolando brought his heavy and very dangerous crowbar, I brought my trusty old hammer, and Nick brought his kids-size squash racquet.

As promised, we brought digital cameras to capture the dismemberment, and the photos and videos are in the gallery in the Misc album. I highly reccomend people to go and have at look at how much fun we had.

Man did we tear apart that computer and accompanying keyboard and monitor. It is just so good to be able to take all your computer-related frustrations out on a real (mostly) working computer in a situation where you won't injure yourself or get arrested for destroying uni or company property.

We went at it from all angles with the crowbar, hammer, and racquet. We showed the thing absolutely no mercy.

Beware computers, we have tasted revenge. And we liked it.


(I do aknowledge and am aware that I am going to be making my living off computers, so don't bother pointing that out. hehe)

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